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When Sharks Attack - Director of Photography ( 12/21 - 12/21 )
National Geographic

The Winning Spirit
- Director of Photography ( 9/21 - Current )

Hidden Heros
- Second Camera / Assistant Camera ( 8/21 )
A+E Network

Colors of Kona 
- Assistant Camera ( 5/21 )

Hydro Flask

Babies of the Zoo - Camera Operator (4/21)
National Geographic 

Super Swell
- Camera Operator (1/21)
Right this minute

- Director of Photography (11/19)


Global Science
- Director of Photography (7/19)
Reuters Tv

Chef Diana
- First Assistant Camera (6/19)
Food Network

Secrets of the Zoo
- Second Camera / Assistant Camera(3/19 - 5/19)
National Geographic 

American Chopper
- Camera Operator (12/18)

The Players Tribute
- Camera Operator (11/18)

Teenage Wasteland
- Camera Operator (9/18)
Vice News

The Incredible Dr. Pol
- Camera Operator (4/17-5/18)
National Geographic



Created by me

Because, again, I love what I do

Season of The Storm - Season 1

"Season of the Storm" is a six episode reality web series that follows storm chaser, Adam Lucio, and a team of filmmakers, as he tracks Mother Nature's most dangerous storms. Join us as we take you deep into the world's most powerful thunderstorms encountering windshield - smashing hail, blinding rains and of course, intense tornadoes! See the dangers, the hardships, beauty, and just how storm chasers help get the warning out to the public. No fake stories or fabricated drama here, just REAL storm chasing, as it was meant to be seen!



Season of The Storm - Season 2

Currently in post-production

Season of the Storm - Season 2 is coming soon! I've had a lot of great feedback and support from season one. The launch of Season 2 will be sometime in early 2022. We are planning on a festival release and hope to partner with some video-on-demand platforms to have it streamed.

Adam Lucio on season of teh storm
Season of the storm season 2 the last storm poster

Super Swell

The largest swell in years approached the North Shore of Oahu in mid-January. For local surfers, this was their shot at riding one of the largest waves of their lifetime. It did not disappoint. 

After going viral - Super Swell was aired on the TV show "Right This Minute". Check out the episode!

Aloha Table - Pilot season coming soon

Currently in pre-production (expected date for launch mid 2021)

Increased covid restrictions, competition, and low tourism threatens to leave a Hawaii industry to fend for itself. Against all odds, a slew of restaurants are recovering and even flourishing. But how exactly are they doing it? The Aloha Table tells the story of the day-to-day challenges of what restaurants are facing in the Honolulu area and how they are adapting to the times. Or are they closing their doors for good? There is no guarantee of a happy ending but with the strong support of the community, ingenuity, great-tasting food, and a little bit of luck, these restaurants just might make it.

Aloha table reality series poster

Under the hood

Currently in post production 

Meet Rubin, an eccentric artist on the island of Oahu. His love for painting under car hoods has started a trend in the car scene. A trend that has caught on and is loved by many. There are plenty of copy cats but there's nothing like a hood painted by Rubin. Follow us as we show you how it all started and were it's going. 

Paitned car hood from artist Rubin, Oahu



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